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I suppose I could post a serious picture of myself, but that wouldn’t be me. I like to get a bit crazy while shooting my sessions. Believe it or not, it helps to relax those in front of the camera allowing me to pull out their character and capture their true personality. And to me, that’s a winning headshot.

And speaking of headshots, that’s how I got into photography in the first place. My youngest daughter is a talented singer and actress. We were told we needed professional headshots, so off we went to New York City. Seven-hundred dollars later, we had her headshot. Yep. $700. For one headshot. Since kids need new headshots every 6 months or so and since I’m not made of gold, I decided to learn everything I could about photography and it has led me down a 5 year path of discovering a passion I never knew I had until I was in my 40s.

And now I’m turning that passion into making sure that you look the absolute best you possibly can.