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We all know how important it is to build trust with your clients, customers, and colleagues– and a professional headshot can do just that. I can help you upgrade your headshot to convey both trustworthiness and relatability.

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If You Have A Head, You Need A Headshot!

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No matter what industry you are in, you know how important it is to have business headshots that represent you professionally. Whether you are looking for a real estate headshot, an executive portrait, or on-location business photos for your team, I’ve got you covered. 

With over a decade of experience, I specialize in bringing out what’s unique about you in your business photos. Let me shoot your business portraits so you can stand out from the crowd.

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Convenient | Consistent | Quality

Let me bring the studio to you. Having a professional headshot photographer come to your location provides you the convenience of having matching business headshots created for your entire team without missing crucial time at the office.

And if you are hosting an event, a conference, or an annual regional convention, I can handle any number of employees or attendees and provide event coverage as well.

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Whatever type of professional you are, it’s important to get a high quality business headshot that reflects your unique character. Let me be the one to provide you a professional business portrait that gets you noticed!

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Anxious About a Session with a Professional Photographer?

It Doesn’t need to Be Stressful

I get it. Few of us like getting our picture taken. Maybe you’ve had your photos taken before and you felt like you didn’t look like yourself and you didn’t look natural or confident. That’s why getting your portrait taken by a professional headshot photographer makes all the difference.

Feel comfortable in front of the camera

When looking for a professional headshot photographer, you need to find someone whose work you like. That’s a given. But, if you are nervous in front of the camera, you won’t get an accurate representation of yourself. That’s why you need someone who can help you feel comfortable enough to be yourself in front of a camera.

Look like yourself at your best

A photo session with me is not like shoots you’ve had before. I don’t just tell you how to pose and then take pictures. My system of coaching draws out a variety of expressions that will let your real personality shine through, all while maintaining a laid-back, no-pressure, simple, and fun atmosphere.

Professional Headshot Photographer

The man behind the camera

I have spent many years and thousands of hours honing my skills to become an expert professional headshot photographer.

My journey into headshot photography began over a decade ago because my youngest daughter needed one and I didn’t know where to get professional headshots near me. I have spent the years since creating professional headshots that make you look your best.

– Jim McAndrew, Owner and Photographer

Business Headshots

Relatable | Confident | Reliable

Your business portraits should reflect your unique style and personality. They should also build trust with your professional contacts. I can help you relax in front of the camera so we can capture what is special about you and build trust with your audience. 

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Headshots near me

“Who knew having a professional headshot taken could be such a wonderful experience?

Jim is great at capturing the exact look you want to portray and asks for feedback and input along the way, which I greatly appreciated.”  — Jessica



Dramatic | Telling | Inspirational

When deciding where to get your actor headshots, it is important to get headshots that leave an impression long after the audition is over.

“I look for a headshot that captures a thought behind the eyes of the actor, where I can tell that in the very moment the camera clicked, it captured something the actor was thinking . . . it draws me in.” Lauren McComas, President and Artistic Director, SALT Performing Arts

Actor headshots
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Jim helped me feel confident in front of the camera.

Communication beforehand was great. There were so many great shots that I felt showed my personality. I can’t wait to start using these headshots for auditions!” — Amanda



Beautiful | Authentic | Captivating

When creating pageant headshots for photogenic competitions, I start with the thought process that everyone is beautiful! You are beautiful and unique and it is my job to capture that.
Photogenic Headshots

“Jim has a way of bringing out everyone’s inner beauty.

Jim is an amazing photographer. We highly recommend him for headshots.” April


Looking for “Professional Headshots Near Me?”

Jim McAndrew is a professional headshot photographer conveniently located in beautiful downtown Phoenixville, PA. If you have not been to Phoenixville lately, you owe it to yourself to come and spend a day on Bridge Street. There are numerous fantastic restaurants to choose from. Schedule a photos session and make a day of it! Look for Jim McAndrew Photography when you search for “professional headshots near me.”

On-Location or In-studio

Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots

Not having a professional headshot could hinder your advancement. Don’t let that happen to you. Let’s boost your career with high-quality professional business photos.

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On Location Headshots

Whether you need photos for 30 employees or the cast of a show, let me bring my portable studio to you.

Having on-location headshots saves time and money while providing you the consistency your brand needs.

Actor Headshots

Actor Headshots

Are you an actor looking to get in front of casting directors and agents? Let’s boost your acting career with high-quality actor headshots.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a typical Session Like?
After you arrive for you session, we’ll go through the clothing options you’ve brought to determine what will best work for your needs. I’ll then coach you to get the best expressions and help you create an amazing headshot.
How long is a shoot?
I don’t have set session times. I have found that it takes a few minutes for everyone to relax in front of the camera. After we take care of that, we’ll shoot until you are happy with the images we create and we make sure that they are appropriate for you needs.
What if I don't look good in pictures?
Trust me. You can look good in pictures. I believe that everyone has been created by God and has a beauty that is unique to them. What has been missing is someone who knows how to direct you to bring out your personality.
What should I wear?

It is best to bring several options. Stay away from bright colors (unless that is your personality and what you typically wear) and any clothes with logos on them. Think about the message you want to send, i.e casual or business. Bring some items that we can layer, such as a denim coat, suit coat, button down shirt or a flannel shirt, etc. Solid colors are a good option for a headshot, and the best place to start.

Will I need a hair and makeup artist?
Men typically don’t need a hair and makeup artist. Just don’t get your hair cut within a few days of your session. And while a hair and makeup artist is not necessary for women, having one will take your headshot to the next level.
What is included in a session?
Each session includes Unlimited Time, Unlimited Wardrobe Changes and Unlimited Backgrounds.