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“I look for a headshot that captures a thought behind the eyes of the actor, where I can tell that in the very moment the camera clicked, it captured something the actor was thinking…it draws me in.” — Lauren McComas, President and Artistic Director, SALT Performing Arts

Jim helped me feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera. 

Jim was absolutely wonderful to work with. There were so many great shots that showed my personality. I can’t wait to start using these headshots for auditions!
— Amanda

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The best pictures I have ever had taken!

Jim has a way of engaging his subject that both relaxes and brings out their personality; he’s a true photographic artist. I highly recommend him! — David

Professional Actor Headshots

Anyone can take a headshot. But not everyone can capture your personality. You need to have your headshot communicate something. Your headshot needs to speak for you after you’ve left the audition room. It needs to say something about you.

Our goal is to create images that get you noticed, as well as help casting directors remember you long after the audition is over. So whether you’re just starting out, or need to update your headshot, we’ve got you covered!

Actor Headshots Philadelphia

Getting the perfect headshot for an actor is more than just capturing a pretty face on camera. The best actor headshots come from a relaxed, fun rapport between the photographer and the actor. 

That’s why I take extra effort to make sure my studio inspires a laid back, relaxed vibe to ensure you’re smiling even when the camera isn’t flashing.